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what is the deal with dying?
I actually thought the joke was that your message would never dissapear. But now I see that even your april fools are pwnage.

nto an imitation at all

I like your stlye of 'stealing' styles from other people ( like oasis lol). Clearly inspired by salad fingers but very very good and very diffrent but it was too quick I expected him to try and fight abit at the end with all the barricades and whatnot. STill great vid make some kinda come back to it plzplzplz :D

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one of the best art games here

I really liked it, it was um very emotional. I can see that your ending was rpobably inspired by you only one life or something liek taht but still with a game this awesome and with multiple endings it seems to smake mroe sense if you give us a replay button I really want to play it agian it too goddman awesome.

it's seriously just pffft

I've seen some pretty good games out there and this isn't really one of them . The concept is very nice and the plot was k but the art was just bleh, (no that I'm a master at flash or anything) to tell you the truth the bit at the beggining when the lines were thicker looked better I know you tried to make a robotic feel but it jsut wasn't working for me it just made it look lik ea bunch of shapes put together badley.

The game play was okay controls were simple and straightforward some bits were very comical addeda nice feel to it, voice actors from your list shoul dhave been very good and they were good but the blue robot guy, whats with his voice?

Music was K nice choice (expecially the menu, really funny).
Overall I'd say just work on it a bit smooth out any weird bits and improve the artwork cuz thats the one thing that wanted me to stop playing.

not bad

1 flaw as most people have said it doesn't ahve a very big vocablurary you should include more words into it. Apart from that Iove it although it is slightly too hard at times it's good for a good 10 minutes every once in a while.

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not bad

the excessive use of a drum kit was interesting but didn't really work in my opion. Lay off the whacking I could hardly hear the tune somtimes. This also completely changes the feels of the song and that is actually very nice. The ending is a bit weird but I guess if the beatles had the technology we have now they might have made a song like that.


One of the lesser heard beatles song I guess.
Nice remix of it, the experimentation of usign pixelated music to remake it was interesting as most other remixes don't really use this.
Keep up the good work.


never played the game don't have the game/console but this game advertises me to buy it and I think it is being sold in Hong Kong but anyway this is an awesome piece of music keep up the good work.

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great job

It's a bit too simple though and although it does seem right for dear prudence it doesn't seem to fully capture the meaning. I listened to the song a million times I should know. But still great joba dn I hope that john and geoge up in heaven (or whereever) like this jsut as much :)

Clueless-queen responds:

thank you very much ^^


really nice picture bring out the entire song. I thinkthe lyrics are goo goo g'joob.
Still good pic.


no really shame you didn't win but you have to admit the winner wasn't bad at all.

YellowPudding responds:

thats true, mine definately wasnt the best submitted, and i rather enjoyed the comic that won.


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